Rural Smart Communities


Smart villages is a relatively new concept that aims to help rural communities meet challenges and grasp the new opportunities of the 21st century. But what benefits will bring joint collaboration and working closely on community engagement projects with partners from around Europe? What positive impact on public participation and changes to a community will it make? How to contribute to rural community engagement?

In short, the smart village concept is mainly about people and for people. It is a return to the partially lost roots in the countryside, to common sense, which our society is lacking- Giving the community a voice. The main idea behind the Rural Smart Communities concept is to encourage people to take initiative and find solutions in order to adapt to ongoing changes.

This includes support for various forms of local cooperation or the use of digital technologies. As Smart Communities, namely villages, towns and small cities, or rural regions, are all about better integrating policies by better using digital capabilities. Smart Communities aim at promoting holistic rural development, sustainability and cohesion. Rural Smart Communities session illustrates the rich variety of social and digital innovations that are springing up across Europe.

The session will point to the importance of rural communities taking the initiative to boost rural services such as social care, education, energy, and mobility and open the floor to present, debate and discuss the expected impact of two new projects: AURORAL and D-Rural.

Thi session brings together policy-makers and entrepreneurial stakeholders from across Europe to identify the drivers and practical steps for creating an enabling environment for Rural Smart Communities for all.